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The study, carried out by Xodus Group, an engineering consultancy with experience in the oil and gas, utilities, and renewable industries, concluded that there are a range of technically feasible options available to develop an offshore wind project off the coast of Guernsey. However, it also cautioned that due to higher costs, the majority of the project should be funded by the States of Guernsey to secure the lowest cost of finance.

Amongst the report’s other findings were:

The current preferred site is offshore towards the 12nm boundary.  This location is in relatively deep water and most suited to the new floating wind turbine structures; 

The lowest cost site is likely to be in the shallow waters off the north coast (or any coastal site). However, this near shore location may have visual and other human impact.

Consideration should be given to pursuing an extended wave and wind data gathering programme that could be relatively low cost but high value for the future.

According to Xodus, the States of Guernsey Renewable Energy Team have been progressing the recommendations following receipt of the report. 

Peter Barnes, Lead Officer for the Renewable Energy Team, said ‘Wind technology is continuing to mature and will offer increased levels of security and independence of supply. Guernsey is well positioned to benefit from those developments.

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